Full Process Step how to register How to Registration Computer Training Institute

How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal

How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal:

If you Want How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal, To  Start Computer Center Institute, or Want to know how to register a How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal Registration Process with Govt. Certified Organization’s in India & Govt. Job Valid Certificate Apply now . Recognition or Affiliation or Registration Now.

ई–मैक्स आई टी एवं व्यावसायिक प्रशिक्षण बोर्ड


भारत सरकार के अधिनियम 1958 व श्रम मंत्रालय द्वारा पंजीकृत

Regd. Under NCT & Ministry of Labour Govt. of India

Incorporated Under The Legislation of Government of India
Ministry Of Corporate Affairs & Labour Ministry Govt. of India

CR Act Department for promotion of Industry & Internal Trade Govt. of India

A National Programme of Information Technology Education & Development
(An Autonomous Board  Registered Under The SR Act Section 9(1) Act, 2012

(AN ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 29990:2010 Certified Organization)

Member of

International Early Childhood Education (IECE)

Full Process Step how to register How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal: 

Free Computer Education Franchise
Free Computer Education Franchise

How To Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal Just 4 Simple Step:

4 Simple Step to Register your How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal:

1. 1st Step: Download the form:

How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal 1st Download the Form, and add your Institute full detail on the Form, Signature  on every page of the form.

2. 2nd Step: Send form on Email:

After Fill the form send form on Franchise@emaxindia.in with Attach your All Document Like Aadhar Card, Pen Card, Qualification Document.

3. 3rd Step: Get The Code:

After your document verification  your franchise code will be sent to your email within 24 hours and you can start your work there.

3. 4th Step: Grow Your Institute:

Grow with E-MAX India after joining hands

Apply Now For Admission    Apply now for Franchise 

Document Required for Starting take Registration franchise for Computer Your Own NTT Training Center  Register Institute in  Jhargram West Bengal:

How To Register Computer Training Institute
How To Register Computer Training Institute

Document required for Computer  Training Center Franchise Center in  Jhargram West Bengal:

  1. Institute Registration Certificate if any.
  2. Director Adhaar Card.
  3.  Passport size photos(2 Photo).
  4. Director Qualification Certificate.
  5. Franchise Form with all information.
  6. Center Franchise One time Service Fee.

Basic Requirements for  Starting Computer Institute Center Franchise in Jhargram West Bengal:

Basic Requirements for Starting Computer Center in Jhargram West Bengal:

  1. Building Requirements/Shop for How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal:

    How skill center register process
    How skill center register process

    If you have your own Building then you can teach them or not Take a shop on Rent for Open or Franchise of Computer Center.

  2.  Computer:

    To Start Computer Training Center you Must have at least 3 computers.  If you want to save electricity, then you can also put laptop there. (For More detail Apply Now)

  3. Location for Computer Franchise:

    “It is a Very Important Part of the Success of our Institute in which we have opened our Institute. Where  we Open Our Institute, there should be a school college or a bus stand or public place where people can easily come.” 

  4. Teacher for How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal:

    Any Diploma Holder Teach in your Center hire qualified Teacher.

  5. Choosing No.1 Education Brand:

    How to Registration Computer Training Institute
    How to Registration Computer Training Institute

    Before take any Franchise Read Franchise Registration Detail Very Carefully, E-Max India is the No.1 Education Brand in India working Since 2007 with 7500+ Study Center in pan  India & to know more about our Registration Click on this link.

  6.  Furniture:

    Buy  Table & Chairs (Furniture) on your local market.

What is the most important requirement for running a How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal?

If you want to run a computer center successfully, you need a marketing team. By which you get complete information that how you have to be successful in the institute. Which will give you the Ans  of all these questions.

  1. Where to open the center?
  2. Which course should be taken in the institute which attracts the student more?
  3. Marketing Plan?
  4. Student Update?
  5. How to give demo class to student?
  6. How to face the competition of the market?
  7. Students leave the class in the middle, what to do so that they do not leave the class in the middle?
  8. how to go from student to student?
  9. How to get student verification?
  10. How to get institute verification?

    Get Approved Computer Centre Franchise
    Get Approved Computer Centre Franchise

All these questions will be answered by our marketing team. And will prepare a roadmap for all of you, so that you will be able to easily Success your institute. Our team is working since 2007, which is successfully running 7500+ study centers. So what to do now, apply for Registration now

Where to take franchise for Computer Center Institute/Register Computer Franchise in Jhargram West Bengal:

Today when we search about Computer Franchise we saw so Many Website & Link about Computer & IT Education Diploma  Franchise but before Registration The thing that is important to know where to register How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal Detail are:

Why E-MAX EDUCATION Registration Required in India:

Important Information about How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal in India:

computer center Franchise
computer center Franchise

if you want to know full information about How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal in India then read all detail very carefully:

Today so many company & Website provide you franchise Free of cost of low cost Franchise but after Registration You find out that their certificate is not valid or their service is not good so Before Register know very Important information for Computer Center Institute Franchise:

Before Register your Institute 4 P is very Important for your Institute Registration

  1. P: Profile
  2. P: Plan (Course)
  3. P: Payment Plan
  4. P: Professional Team

E-Max India 4 P is Very Strong Detail are:

1. P: Profile: E-Max India Profile is very Strong  Detail Are:

  1. We Working/Running Successfully Since-2007 (with 7500+ Study Center in all over India) Reg. By Govt. of India.

    How To Registration Computer Training
    How To Registration Computer Training
  2. Authorization your center by DAC, Dubai – International Accreditation Forum.
  5. Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, National Entrepreneurship Award 2019 Certificate Pledge-6386722263.
  6. Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals Certificate Anti-Littering Pledge 2542893989
  7. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Govt. of India Pledge-2445639934.
  8. National Commission for Women, India Pledge-7962792775.
  9. Fuel Conservation, Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) Pledge 5723545945.
  10. National Mission for Clean Ganga (Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation Govt. of India) Namami Change, Pledge7795744683.
  11. Ministry of Agriculture Cooperation & Farmer Welfare Govt. Of India, WSD (World Soil Day), Pledge-4796765822
  12. International Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  13. Authorization your centre with by Uk Cert(Board of United Kingdom)
  14. Authorizations your center with by UKAF (UK Akkreditering Forum Limited)

    Best 10 Computer Institute Franchise Opportunities
    Best 10 Computer Institute Franchise Opportunities
  15. Authorizations your center by Certified by QRO (Quality Research Organization)
  16. Member of International Early Childhood Education (IECE) Membership Number IECE847514576
  17. Govt. of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  18. Under Labour Department Act 1958
  19. Registration of Trade Mark
  20. NCT Registration

2. P: Plan (Course): Course are the main part for success any Institute Center We have 1150+, with Free Skill Development Course Detail are:

  1. Software Zone (150+ Course) DCA, ADCA, Tally with GST, Auto Cad Etc
  2. Hardware Zone(100+ Course) PC Hardware & Networking Etc
  3. Vocational Course (850+ Course) Yoga, Medical Laboratory Technician, Food and Beverage Management
  4. Teacher Training Course (50+ Course) NTT, PTT Etc

3. P: Payment Plan:  Payment Plan is very important part to run successfully your Institute in India, We are Providing you best Payment plant for your Institute Detail are:

100% Free Tranning Institute Franchise in India
100% Free Tranning Institute Franchise in India
  1. Security Amount Just (As per Plan) – for life Time for 1 Zone for all zone (As per Plan) for Life Time.
  2. *For All Software Course student training fee (As per Plan)/- RS One Time Only All Fee Including in this fee Like Admission fee/Exam Fee/Kit fee ETC (Vocational Course & Teacher Training Course Fee & Different)
  3. Self Control Exam Panel (Online/Offline)
  4. Right to decide own Center fee structure of Courses,
  5. Online Certificate Verification/Online Student Verification/Online Mark sheet Verification/Online Center Verification
  6. NO Royalty Fee/Amount Concept on gross total (Monthly Fee) of Courses fees
  7. Center Head Fully Right to Create Job oriented Course/new courses.
  8. Right to Conduct Exams in own Center (Online/Offline Mode)
  9. Free web site involvement Like this https://emaxindia.in/web/finaldemo  In Website: Student Login, Center Login, Student Verification, Online Chat, Student Gallery, Staff Page Etc.
  10. Right to Online Id & Password to Your Center Student
  11. Diploma/Certificates are Valid Nationally & Internationally for all type of Jobs
  12. Student Diploma/Certificate will be issued by Head Office (emaxindia) & Delivery Charges for the same will be borne/send by Head Office.
  13. Monthly Audit No Required
  14. Fee Management
  15. Attendance Management
  16. Center Start Up/Welcome Kit: Hard copy (Affiliation Certificate, Welcome Letter, Pen, Prospectus) Soft Copy (Banner sample, Latter head sample, Center head Id Card, Life Time Admin Panel, Student id Card, Online Admission Link, Online Enquiry Management, 9700+ Online Exam, E Book Multi Language, Quick Sms in Student ID, Student Active/DE active Right, Teacher Management Software, Get Chance to Participate “Best Study Center of the year” with Live Result, Etc)
  17. In Certified Your Brand Name & Logo & your Signature update Online/Offline
  18. Placement Assistance Option/Cell for Deserving/praiseworthy Student in Student ID

Note: Plan discussion Call Now: 9992333683

  1. P: Professional Team if you want to success in Education Line then Professional Team is very Important Part, Proper guidance for office Management works (Our team’s 17-year experience will help you) Team Work in this Detail are:

We have 6 Department to work in India

  1. Sale Department
  2. Verification Department
  3. Production department
  4. Printing Department
  5. Technical Department
  6. Marketing Department

Top 20 Registered Institute in Jhargram West Bengal:

Rank Top Rank Institute Photo List of Top Educational Institutes in Jhargram West Bengal India
1 st TONGDAM xxxxx TRAINING CENTRE (xxxxx Churachandpur, Manipur Code EMAxxxxx819)
2 nd NOBLE Coxxxx xxxxstitute(xxx, Shivamssss, Karnataka Code EMxxxx348)
3 rd AGGRWAL xxxxxx EDUCATION ( xxxxx, Panipat, Haryana Code EMAxxxxx417)
4 th SYED SAxxx xxxxDDIN EDUCATIONAL xxxETY ( xxxx,  Hyderabad, Telangana Code  EMAxxxxx102)
6 th COMPUTERxxxNG CENTER (Uxxxx, Bxxxx Dakshina xxxxx, Karnataka Code EMAxxxx887)
7 th OMKAR xxxxx EDUCATION (Karimxxxxx Telangana Code EMAxxxx3783)
8 th E-MAX EDUCATION (Maxxxxxxxndam, Kanxxxxxumari, Tamil Nadu Code EMAxxxxx1159)
9 th CARExxxxx POIxxxx (Nxxxxx, Assam Code EMAxxxx389)
10 th E-MAX EDUCATION (Kaxxxx, xxxx Assam Code EMxxxx334)
11 th NATION xxxxxxEMY COMPUTER TRAINING INSTITUTE (xxxxxx, Ganxxxxxst Sikkim Code EMAxxxx085)
12 th LIFETExxxx SOFTWxxxxxx(Laxmxxxhi, Jharkhand Code EMxxxx448)
13 th Ace xxxxxers Academy( xxxxxr, HP Code EMAxxxx064)
14 th INDIAxxx COMPUTER TRAINING ACADEMY ( xxxxri, Daxxx West Bengal Code EMAxxx028)
15 th ANMOL xxxxUTER EDUCATION (Gurgaon Branch Code EMAxxxx77)
16 th PRABHA xxxxxE OF COMPUTER AND FINANCE EDUCATIOxxxx (Ekmxxxxx nagar, Dxxxxx, Bihar Code EMAxxx2833)
17 th INFOTExxxx COMPUTER INSTITUxxxxx di,Gurugrxxxxx ,HR Branch Code: EMAxxxx26)
18 th B.S. xxxxTER CENTER  (pisxxxxxx, jharkhand Code EMxxxx008)
19 th Z Txxxxxad, Nasik, Maharashtra Code EMAxxxx526)
20 th


CENTRE FxxxxxVEL COMPUTING (xxxxxxannada, Karnataka EMAxxxx94)

Note: Today so Many Center/Origination who provide you Computer Course Franchise/NTT PTT & Yoga Course Franchise but they have no Proper/full Information how to Improve/Increase student in your Computer Center Institute they Copy  our or another brand full page or full information  and provide you or Or they don’t know about this how to Increase Student, but E-Max India (Education Technical Team/Marketing (7400+ Study Center in India)  Team Help you full Information about how to study or how to improve/Increase  student in your Class. Some Demo in this video.

Full Video how to Register Computer Franchise Jhargram West Bengal:




How To Study in Computer Coaching Center Jhargram West Bengal:

Full Video About How to Increase Student in computer Training Center Institute in Jhargram West Bengal:

In this Video we See  that how to increase student count in your Computer Center/Study Center & How to Study in Class, Demo Class Location of Computer Center & About Course:




How To Marketing in Computer Coaching Center in Jhargram West Bengal

In this Video we See  that how to increase student count in your computer center/Study Center & How to Study in computer Center & About Course Marketing Types:



Registered Computer Franchise Course Affiliation /Organization with Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD):

Today Mostly Center/Organization/Franchise Update on his Website/Banner that they are Registered  with MHRD, But that’s not reality, They are Register (Prospectus/Course/logos) under Only Copyright Act.

Documents  or Requirements for Admission in Computer Center in Jhargram West Bengal:

Documents  or Requirements for Admission in Computer Center in Jhargram West Bengal, Eligibility/affiliation/Admission, Fees:

  1. Student Qualification Document
  2. 2 Student Photo
  3. Age Limit: Age Limit Depend on Course
  4. Student Admission Form

Top Computer Course in Jhargram West Bengal:

Some Commons Course List For Computer Center:

DOA  HDCS  ADIT ADHN DSE  DCSA  DWT ADSH ADMA ADCA ADCAP ADCAHN  Digital Marketing Ios App Developer  PGDCA DCAT DCTT ADCST MDCA ADFA ADCA  Android Training Java Training   NTT Fire and Safety  DECE Fashion Designing YOGA

Some Marketing Trending Course:

  • Digital marketing analytics.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Social media marketing.
  • 3D printing.
  • Marketing in a Digital World
  • Marketing Analytics in Theory
  • Marketing Analytics in Practice
  • Digital Media and Marketing Principles
  • Digital Media and Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing in an Analog World
  • Digital Marketing Capstone
  • SEO Foundations
  • Advanced SEO Tools and Techniques
  • Advanced Content Marketing
  • Advanced Web Analytics
  • Web designing course

Some Question Before Register How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal Registration:

Before know about Registration Process of How to Registration Computer Training Institute in Jhargram West Bengal or take franchise for Computer Course Read some Question:

  • Question 1: Can we register it online (Online Operation/Registration)?
  • Ans: Yes, You can register it both online or offline.
  • Question 2: What is the cost to get the institute registered? (Startup *Costs* )
  • Ans: To get the institute registered, you can start the registration according to your location and your budget.  Normal Cost 50000-300000.
  • Question 3: Can be operated from home?
  • Ans: Yes,You can also start it from home.
  • Question 4: Can be operated part-time?
  • Ans: Yes, You can also do it part time.
  • Question 4: Can i get a franchise now (Franchises Available)?
  • Ans: Yes, You can apply for franchise now
    How To Get Government Recognize For Computer Training Institute: Fill This Form

Apply Now For Admission    Apply now for Franchise 

Course Fee & Marketing of Computer Course:

  1. Course Fee: “Before designing course fee, we need to see our Investment, Course & Surrounding Area.”
  2. Marketing: “It is Understandable that the Center has found more than 100 Student within 1 month form center Opening date But Inside many Institutes Not more then 50 Student after 1 year. The Method of Marketing is responsible for all of this. We have formed a team for how to do marketing and how to earn double profit form our institute within 1 year & all of this will be absolutely free of cost for you. To Know more Click on the Click & Fill the formOur Team will help you all of this About Course/ Fee/Location ETC. More Than 7500+ Study Center across India are Growing with Us”.

Note: A good name will mirror the identity of the Institute. Here are some questions to consider.

  1. What is your company/Institute/Center about?
  2. What are your core values?
  3. What makes your Computer training institute different?

So don’t Delay apply now 


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Dhabani Dhadka Dhamro Dhanghari Dhanghari Dhanghori Dhapahari Dharampur Dharmmapur Dhengbahara Dhengya Dhidka Dighisol Dihbankati Dihikalyanpur Dihtalpal Dingla Dolelpur Dolkunda Domuhani Dubrajpur Dubrajpur Dubrajpur Dubrajpur Dumuria Dumurkata Durllabhpur Durllabhpur Ektali Enrekusum Eryakusum Gahami Gaighata Galasia Galasuli Gamaria Gangadhari Ganganarayanpur Garra Garthela Gaurangakata Ghagra Ghoragana Ghora Ghata Ghotbani Ghusim Danga Goal Danga Goaldawga Goalidanga Gobindapur Gobindapur Gopalnagar Gopalpur Gopalpur Gopinathpur Gopinathpur Gopinathpur Gourangachak Grampukhuria Guri Guriapara Gursa-i Gushkadanga Hadhadi Hanrigara Hanrulia Harda Hariharpur Harina Harin Ganj Haripathari Hatighasa Hatilot Hirua Dihi Indadanga Jagannathpur Jagannathpur Jambaid Jambani Jamdahara Jamsol Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jankipur Jarkasuli Jarulpal Jashpur Jashpur Jaynagar Jaypur Jhaparda Jhatbani Jhatbiani Jhatiara Jhitka Jirakuli Jirapara Jualbhanga Kabiraji Kadamdiha Kadam Khundi Kala Baria Kallokal Kamaladanga Kamar Bandi Kamar Bandi Kamladanga Kamrangi Kanaipal Kanchan Nagar Kanglapal Kank Para Kankradara Kankurrama Kansina Kantapahari Kaoamari Kapashu Karamsol Karanja Kargonala Karkata Katuapal Kelyasol Kendadangri Kenddanga Keudi Keunddangri Khanamura Khansha Batinadi Kharisanala Khaschak Bagaldanga Khasjangal Khasjaypur Khayarasoli Khayerbani Khayerboni Kheryasol Khosha Kiamachha Kirttania Kishmatsunka Kismat Barakola Kismat Gopinathpur Kismat Parulia Kodo Danga Krishna Kumari Krishnanagar Kui Kukurmuri Kulsol Kumarbandh Kumar Kata Kumirkata Kunarpur Kunjaghata Kunyapara Kurchibanipal Kurkutsol Kush Bani Kushmora Kushumasoli Kusumasoli Kusumtikri Lachhipur Ladhasol Ladna Laghata Lakat Lakshanpur Lakshmisagar Lalgarh Lalgarh Jangalkhas Lalgaria Lalitapal Loagaon Loagaon Lodhashali Loya Tikari Mabarakpur Madanmohanpur Madanmohonpur Madhabpur Madhupur Madhyamkumari Magura Mahala Guri Mahulbani Mahulbani Mahulbani Maitipara Mangalapur Manikpur Mankyapal Manpur Mathakati Maujithan Meghabandi Meghibani Melkharia Metial Metyalsol Mirjapur Mohanpur Mohanpur Molara Murabani Murajuri Murar Murar Nalbani Nambanshber Nanda Nandalalpur Nandalalpur Nandaria Napitpara Narayanpur Narcha Narendrapur Nawagan Nayagram Nayapal Nepura Nera Netai Nimdanga Nischintapur Nischintapur Nitarpal Nutandi Padiha Palashbani Panchiara Panpurya Papatpur Parita Paruasol Patgara Patgeriya Patharghata Patranipal Paturia Payarabila Payrabila Phiringitola Phulberia Phuljhari Phulpahari Phutibaria Pindrakali Pirra Pirra Bani Pirrakuli Purnapani Purnapani Radhamohanpur Radhamohanpur Radhanagar Raghunathpur Raghunathpur Raipur Rajpara Ramgar Ramgarh Ramjibanpur Ramjibanpur Ramnagar Ranabandh Ranarani Rangamatia Rangametya Rangua Rasikpur Rasmandal Ratanpur Rathbera Rathukanali Rautara Rautara Saersahi Sakhisol Sakhisol Salbani Salbani Salchaturi Saldanga Salpatra Salpatra Sanarkanali Sankha Khulya Saontal Dhansol Sarasbedia Sarasbedia Satbilli Satidhanputa Satis Chak Sauda Saulyarpal Shabhasol Shalpatra Shaluka Shalukdopa Shankhahar Shashageria Shiarkata Shibpur Shimul Danga Shirshi Shiyartola Shushna Shutpipal Shyamchak Shyamcharandanga Shyampur Shyamsundarpur Siarkati Sijua Sijuadhanputa Silapara Simladanga Sinhapur Sitarampur Srirampur Sugni Sundaraguri Swarup Narayanpur Talbamal Talhirurdihi Talpal Tantisol Tara Tarkilata Telabani Tentulara Tentuldanga Teshabandh Thakurpara Thakurpara Thakurpara Tikarampur Tilabad Tilabani Titiali Titiali Uddhabpur Upar Banshber Uparbila Uparguri Uparsol Urlidanga Uttardhansola Uttar Gahami Adargeria Adgari Aguibil Agyapal Amadubi Amakuli Amjharna Amlagura Amlasol Amlasol Amlasol Amlatora Amrola Asanbani Asanbani Ashakanthi Ashri Astajuri Aulia Aulia Bagdoba Baghghori Baishnabpur Baishtampur Baksol Balaramdi Balichua Balikhal Bamandiha Bamandiha Bamni Bandadhara Bandhgora Bandhgora Banjhikend Banjikusum Bankania Bankati Bankra Bankrasol Banksol Bansgar Banshirganj Banshketya Banshpahari Bansol Banspahari Banspahari Baraara Barabeda Barajamsol Barakharpal Bara Mechhua Baramsol Baramurgi Barashukjora Barasol Barasuli Bardiha Barighati Barsol(khurd) Bashajuri Basudebpur Batabani Beliabera Belpahari Bengbuta Beniadihi Bhadarpal Bhadora Bhagabanda Bhairadanga Bhalkachua Bhaluk Khulia Bhandarpur Bhanraru Bharabani Bhararu Bhedakui Bhelaidiha Bheliadiha Bhimarjun Bhula Bheda Bhula Dhara Bhulagara Bhurru Danga Bhursatora Bhutur Bibarda Bidiri Birbhanpur Birgeria Birgi Birgiurf Bediam Birmadal Bodadihi Borarganj Burijhor Chakadoba Chakbali Chakbankata Chakchakli Chak Gujrat Chakram Chandrapur Champati Chandabila Chandanpur Chandbila Charakpahari Charak Pahari Chattabandi Chekuapal Chengia Panchpania Chhandpara Chhera Chholagara Chhotajamsol Chhota Kharpal Chhota Mechhua Chhota Murgi Chhota Shirshi Chhota Shukjora Chhuchhada Chianbera Chianpara Chirakuti Chirugara Urf Kuilapal Chirugora Chitamati Chourimara Chutiabhadri Dabar Dagdi Dainmari Daishi Dakai Dakaisol Daldali Damsol Dangardiha Dangarpara Daribhadarpal Darpashila Darra Derangsai Deshmul Dhabani Dhanghori Dhangichua Dhangikusum Dharampur Dharampur Dhenganadar Dhenkia Dhobajan Dhobakacha Dhobakuria Dhobasol Dholbhanga Dhuapahari Dhuliapara Dhuliapur Dhundupal Domgar Dublakona Dulki Dulungdiha Dumuria Dumur Kunda Enthela Ergoda Gaira Gajpathar Ganjuam Garpahar Ghagra Gharbanka Ghatradiha Ghoraisoli Ghoratopa Ghushing Dangabara Ghushing Dangacahota Gidighati Girulia Gobindapur Gochgiri Gohalberya Golakpur Gondapal Gopalpur Gopalpur Gopalpur Hamirpur Hanrule Harda Hardamkhana Harenagar Hariharpur Harinarayanpur Hatidoba Helakata Hetyasol Hijla Hijli Indpahari Jabarpur Jabla Jadabpur Jagannathpur Jagannathpur Jamaimari Jambani Jambani Jambani Jambani Jamda Jamdahari Jamirdiha Jamirdiha Jamirkatia Jamjurki Jamrasuli Jamtalgara Jangalchaukisal Jantalberya Jarda Jarma Jaynagar Jaypur Jhatiara Jhetiara Jhetyara Jhingasol Jhurjhuri Jiageria Jinakuri Johurganj Joram Jorkada Josna Joypur Jujardhara Junbani Kadamdiha Kadmasuli Kalaberia Kaladabar Kalapathar Kalapathar Kaliam Kalparashi Kamarbandhi Kanimahuli Kankatpal Kanko Kankrajhor Kankrichua Kankrijharna Kankrisol Kantasola Kantharpal Kapatkata Karasai Karatsol Kashidanga Kashijora Katajhuri Katki Kattara Katuchua Kechanda Kendapara Kendbani Kendbani Kenddiha Kendisol Kesharipur Keshmar Khamar Khandarbhula Khanripahari Kharikabad Khariyarata Kharsati Khatkhura Khayrasuli Khayrasuli Khorikabad Kishda Kishoripur Kochagora Kodalbani Kodapura Korkora Krishnanagar Krishnapur Kuchlapahari Kuila Kulardahi Kuldiha Kulgiri Kumarda Kundal Pahari Kunkrakhopi Kurchibani Kurshuli Kurya Khayerbani Kusbhula Kushmora Kusumbani Kusumdanga Kusumkanali Labani Lagadari Lakshmanpur Laljal Laukaghata Ledashuli Lekraanchra Loapara Lodhasoli Lodhasuli Loyada Machhkandna Madhabpur Madhupur Madhupur Mahatabandh Mahulbani Mahulbani Mahulbani Mahutdanga Majgerya Majugara Makarbhula Malabati Maniyadi Matihana Mauturia Mayurjharna Medni Meghibil Merasuli Meteldi Mohanpur Muchibandh Mugberia Mujrakanali Muniada Muransol Murari Murgadabar Murkhania Nachna Nalkhalia Nalkhulia Narayanpur Natachua Nayanagora Neguria Nischindipur Nischintapur Nischintapur Odolchua Orali Orgonda Pachagerya Pachapani Pakurasol Palasbani Palashbani Palashbani Paldihi Panch Takarpal Panditsol Panichubki Pankanali Paruldanga Parulia Parusali Pataghar Patharchakri Patharchakri Pathra Pathra Patirajgora Phalkardanga Phenauri Phulbahara Phulgeria Pindra Pindrabani Pirragerya Pithakunra Pukhuria Pukhuriapara Purnapani Pusda Radhamohanpur Raghunathpur Raghunathpur Raghunathpur Rajdaha Rajkusma Rajpara Ramdiha Rangametia Ranga Metya Rangpur Rasikpur Rastalaurfkodapal Ratanpur Rimradanga Rupai Sahari Sahispara Salbant Salgeria Salgerya Salpatra Saltora Samarbhola Sankrail Santalshirshi Sarangasuli Sarisabasa Satbanki Shankhabhanga Shanrpura Shealdanga Shilda (ct) Shimalpal Shirishbani Shiyarbinda Shobhapur Shukna Pahari Shukunibasa Shusnijubi Shusnijubi Shyamnagar Shyampur Shyamsundarpur Siarkatia Simla Simuldanga Simulpal Sinduria Singadanga Singaduba Singdanga Singlahar Sitapur Sondapara Srinathpur Srinathpur Urfkuldiha Sunridiha Talbera Talpukhuria Taltala Tamajuri Tang Bhedua Telighana Tenul Danga Thakuranpahari Tilabani Tulsibani Tumkasol Tura Turupahari Ukhuldoba Akhubera Alampur Pirasimul Amarda Amjuri Andharkuli Asaneswar (asan Bani) Asna Sol Asui Asurara Asurgaria Atangi Babu Dungru Bakra Bakra Chitta Matia Balarampur Bali Danria Bandhgaramath Raghunathpur Banshia Banshidharpur Bansimla Bara Dhan Kamra Bara Jhauri Bara Menia Bara Rangamatia Bara Sol Bara Tarki Basanda Bel Barya Belduar Bet Kalan Betnala Bhalidihi Bhaluka Sol Bhalukuria Bhanda Dihi Bhat Bhanga Bhathan Dia Bhatta Gopalpur Bhera Bhila Bhola Bhola Mahuli Bhulanpur Bhutbura Sol Chahazai Banshidhar Chanpasar Chaulbata Chhahazari Fulberia Chhahazari Humtia Chhahazari Mahulbani Chhahazari Tikaitpur Chhatinasol Chhota Dhanka Mara Chhota Jhauri Chhota Ranga Matia Chhota Tarki Chua Gora Chunghati Daha Munda (nania Bad) Dakshin Sol Daldali Damgram Danga Koem Ghutbuni Dhan Ghori Dhan Sol Dharam Pur Dhobadahi Dhol Bhanga Dhutur Kuria Digli Dol Machi Dudhia Purnapani Dumaria Dumro Khusunia Gosian Para Dumuria Fuldihi Gararsol Gargaria Ghora Pincha Gohal Bura Gopal Pur Gopiballavpur Gopinathpur Gordoar Gournooagram Guhiasol Gur Pukhuria Hatibari Hatimara Humlia Hari Bhanga Indibura Jagannathpur Jagannathpur Jalbeti Jama Gara Jambani Jambani Jan Ghati Jauri Sol Jharapara Jhatiara Jhili Kacham Bila Kadam Khandi Kadam Khandi Kaima Kalajaria Kalitala Kamalasol Kamargan Kancha Amrasol Kanchanpur Kandnashol Kankri Dahi Kantabani Kapasia Mahanala Kaptisol Kar Bania Karkatashol Karnibura Kharrapara Kartta Nala Kasturi Bani Kayasol Kenduabadi Kendugerya Khandishol Kumar Kundi Kurachi Bani Kurichhamot Kurumberya Luti Jhuri Madna Sol Mahakartalia Mahipal Mahulbani Mahulisasasol Makri Maliara (gundu Rughura) Mancha Bandha Manich Baria Mara Dahini Mathasahi Maubhandar Morko Mrigini Dahi Nanglo Narashimul Narasinghapur Narddamadihi Narisol Naukhala Naya Basan Nekra Gudri Nimdiha Kaptisol Noagaon Noha Malia Paikrasol Paira Kuli Panbaruj Panchkahalia Pandachhencha Pandapata Pandi Sol Pani Hamraor Phania Mara Panisol Parasia Parulia Patbandha Pathar Chakri Pathar Nasha Phula Kendu Phul Baria Pindra Geria Pindra Sol Pitanau Purna Pani Purnapani Chita Matia Putulia Rai Gani Raikanda Ram Bhagan Ramchandrapur Ramkrishnapur Rangiam Rehara Ghutu Salgerya Sangro Sar Bani Saria Saria Dudhia Sasara Satma (kortir) Shirish Bani Shobha Pur Shyamsundarpur Sijua Solabaria Sona Hara Sonari Mara Sukamara Sol Suliapara Sumitrapur Swargachhira Tal Baghuasol Talpara Tarki Dudhia Tenlat Tentonota Tentulia Tikaitpur Tikaitpur Topgaria Ukta Upar Baghuasol Upar Panija Ura Bhanga Agarbani Akna Ambi Amda Pal Amsolgundur Ghura Andharia Angar Gerya Angar Kundia Ara Dangri Asadtalia Asanbani Ashui Askola Bagha Gerya Baghuasol Baha Runa Bajari Bajnaguri Baldi Balia Balidiha Bali Pal Bandar Diha Bandh Gara Bangara Banhia Berya Banshda Banshjora Bara Asanbani Barabel Diha Barajam Sol Bara Kanda Barakhar Bandhi Baram Chati Barbaria Basudebpur Baya Dangar Belaberya Beldiha Bhadua Bhakta Pat Bhaluk Khulia Bhamal Bhandar Bila Bhatpara Bhol Bhutkahalia Birjharia Bora Chainsol Chak Moidpur Chakua Chana Beria Chandias Chapli Chhatina Chhota Asanbani Chhota Jamsol Chhota Kharbandhi Chhota Ramgar Chingra Chorchita Chor Mundi Dahi Dain Mari Damrasol Dangar Bila Dangaria Dangra Deuli Dhabani Dhadangri Dhera Garia Dhoba Dhabani Dumuria Ekdal Ekur Garigan Ghorai Danga Ghutia Gobindapur Gohal Mara Gohalura Gonsai Bera Goursahi Baramania Gurma Harina Harki Hatipata Hijla Jahanpur Jamua Jamua Akna Jara Kusum Jarka Jharia Jhatiara Joti Gobra Jugdiha Junsola Kajla Kalabani Kala Baria Kali Ambi Kalinja Kanpur Kanthalia Kawana Chana Kayma Kendana Khamar Kharika Sol Khud Marai Kirtansol Kismat Maidpur Krishna Nagar Kuari Paria Kujra Kuldiha Kuliana Kushmar Ladangeria Jal Lakhipara Mahapal Mahapal Mahuli Malincha Marunia Matihana Moloi Muchi Nala Nadan Gerya Dihi Nakhra Nakoijuri Natima Naupara Nayagram Nekra Mahuli Nischinta Nohatikri Nota Notaphul Beria Ohardanga Tikaitpur Padima Paik Ambi Pancha Rukhi Panuyan Para Mahuli Parshana Pashchim Nayagan Pashchim Tentul Dangra Patajania Patla Diha Petbindhi Phutipal Phutkya Pindrapal Pithapur Poradiha Raipal Ramchandrapur Ramgar Ram Pura Ranjia Rantua Urf Kalsa Salbani Salbani Salkia Saltaria Dihi Saltari Jal Sankalbani Sankapat Sankuchia Chhotakuchia Sardiha Shankrari Shibanandapur Shimulia Shirshi Shona Konia Shuriam Shushuni Bera Tabha Bani Talgabra Talgan Talgram Tal Jambani Tapsia Taradiha Teghara Teghari Tentulia Uttar Tentulia Ahar Mura Alampur Amlagura Amlatara Amra Tara Amtalia Aralkuli Asanbani Asstapara Asti Asti Babuida Bagda Baghakhondar Baghghari Baghua Bahirgram Balia Guri Bali Band Balidiha Balidiha Bali Juri Bamdia Bamun Diha Banbhum Band Gora Band Mura Banka Shimla Bankata Bankber Bankra Banksol Bannagajar Banshgar Barabankata Bara Bansaru Bara Enyata Bara Ghung Baragupta Bara Harki Barakala Bara Pindra Bara Rajgram Barashol Barasol Barmania Belborya Belda Beldangri Bel Dangri Belia Beliaguri Belia Guri Belia Guri Benadiha Benasuli Benchasol Bera Beragari Bhadai Bhaluka Bhaluka Bhalukhulya Bhandari Gura Bhanga Bandi Bhatur Bhelai Tikri Bhorbani Bhursan Bijrabandh Bodakata Borunsol Burisol Chakbaram Chalakchua Chandabila Chandabila Chandabila Chandua Chanpasarasol Chanrsar Charchaka Chattha Chaulisol Chhota Bankata Chhota Bansaru Chhota Enyata Chhota Ghung Chhota Pindra Chhota Rajgram Chichra Chilki Chilkigar Chirkumdihi Chiya Para Chutia Daichakura Dakshina Dakshin Sol Darkhola Darpasila Degaria Dhadka Dhanaiam Dhania Pal Dharar Dihi Dharsa Dhengbahara Dhobakunria Dhoba Kurya Dhukuria Dhunamari Domahani Dubra Dubrajpur Dubrajpur Dudhgerya Dudhia Sol Dumria Ektal Elagerya Enredhara Gadrasol Gagnasuli Gaida Gamaria Gamira Genrua Gereshuli Ghutia Gidhni Gobindapur Gobindasol Gohaldiha Gopalpur Guiyara Gumria Guri Pukhuria Haludbani Hamirpur Harina Ganja Harkichhota Harpasal Hate Kada Hatiasuli Hijli Itamara Jambani Jamdahari Jamjurki Jamsola Jamui Jamunasol Japhala Jarkasol Jatia Bandi Jhargram Jirapara Joka Jonka Jorsa Juasol Jugi Bandh Kadamdiha Kadam Diha Kadma Kadmasol Kadopindra Kaima Kaimi Kajal Kala Beria Kala Chandpur Kamta Kanaisol Kani Mahuli Kankurama Kapasi Kapasita Kapatkata Kapgari Karbari Dihi Kenddangri Kenddiha Kendsar Kendua Kenduasuli Kenja Keshar Garia Keshia Ketkanda Khamar Para Kharakpur Khar Banda Khasibandh Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khat Gerya Khatkhura Khayrasuli Kherya Juri Kherya Para Khuya Badha Kinkarpal Kishoripur Kismat Kismat Jambani Kodal Ghata Kododiha Kolbadia Konkro Koshaphalia Kuchasuli Kukrakhonpi Kukurmuri Kuldiha Kuldiha Kuldiha Kumri Kurarya Kuryara Kushpoka Ladhanbani Lakhia Pal Lalbandh Latyabad Lawa Loadi Lohamalia Machkandua Madhupur Mahadan Mahisamura Mahuli Mahuli Mal Bandi Mamurda Mantabani Maupal Megarajpur Mohanpur Muniada Murakati Murakati Nachna Nachnaguri Nagdi Nakdi Nargi Nera Nimdiha Nischinta Noharia Nuchda Nunia Nuniachatri Oro Palasbani Pal Banshi Paldhapara Palkachor Panchberia Panjasol Panpara Panrusuli Paradiha Para Diha Parashya Pariharpur Parihati Par Shuli Parulia Pashchim Purnapani Phaguasol Phulbahara Phul Berya Phuti Berya Pimdra Gere Pora Diha Pukhuryasol Purpahari Rakhalmara Ramchandrapur Rangametia Rangametya Ranijhor Ranipal Ranisal Rehara Sabal Mara Salbani Salbani Salika Salpatra Sanbelia Sangram Sankisol Sarakata Sarenga Sati Ghata Satpati Shahari Shalbani Shalpatra Shanr Dhara Shirsi Sholenda Shushni Sigram Sijua Sirsa Sonaharapal Sonamukhi Sunrsa Swargachhira Tangasoli Tantpal Tarkinata Tela Muri Tentala Tentla Pal Tentulia Tila Bandi Tingchapal Tukurya Tulibar Tulsibani Tumkiasol Tupli Geyra Uphala Uttarasol Uttar Barashol Uttar Bodakata Uttar Mura Kati Adbahara Agaibani Akhrasol Alkushia Amdai Amdiha Amdiha Amjhuki Amlachati Amratora Amrulia Andhari Sol Angarkundia Angarkuria Annadapur Antapati Antapati Arjun Dahar Asanbani Asanda Ashanbani Astha Shuli Asti Auli Gerya Auspal Badina Baghjhapa Baghmarasol Baghuadam Bagmuri Bahara Baharakoti Bahara Soli Baida Baidyanath Dihi Baita Gobindapur Bakra Balad Duba Baladmara Balia Balia Khas Jangal Bali Bhasha Baligna Balijuri Balisol Balla Bamun Mura Bamunya Bandh Bandar Bani Banka Bhur Kunda Bankati Bankati Bankati Banksol Banshi Dihi Banshkatia Banshtola Banslo Barabandhgara Baraban Pura Barabari Bara Basudebpur Bara Bhaudi Barabigha Bara Chandabila Barachuya Suli Bara Dhabani Bara Didiha Baraektal Bara Gahira Barahakanda Barakala Barapal Barapal Jangalkhas Bara Parulia Bara Pipri Bara Shirshi Barashukjora Bara Shuli Barasuli Bardanga Baria Barjudi Barkunrya Barpani Basantapur Bedhakola Beldanga Benasuli Benedi Benedi Benipur Betkundari Bhakut Khulya Bhaluk Kaulua Bhaluk Patra Bhandari Kata Bhangaband Bhanga Band Bhanga Band Bhauda Bhauda Jangal Khas No-2 Bhauda Jangal Khas No-i Bhaudi Bhelai Juri Bhetala Bhiring Pur Bhutbhuti Bilat Bindukata Binra Birbhanpur Birhandi Biridanga Brahmandana Brahmattar Brindabanpur Buribandh Burimol Chak Pindrasol Chakua Champasol Chamtidanga Chandabila Chhota Chandipur Chandra Chandra Kati Chandri Chanmkhula Charda Char Paikan Chatarpada Chauli Chauli Chenchur Gerya Chenchur-gerya Chhenapara Chhota Angar Kurya Chhota Bandhgara Chhota Banpura Chhota Basudebpur Chhota Chuyasuli Chhotadhabani Chhota Didiha Chhota Ektal Chhota Gahira Chhotahakanda Chhota Jamua Chhota Kashitarya Chhota Parulia Chhota Pipri Chhota Shirshi Chilki Chingur Kasa Chirik Chanpa Chithalbani Chowki Chati Chubka Dahatmal Dahi Juri Dahipal Dahkati Dainmari Dakshinchack Dakshinpal Dakshin Sole Daldali Dalkati Damgram Damrasol Dandeswarpur Darkuli Debi Deoyanchak Dewanchak Dhabani Jangal Dhadki Danga Dhadkinala Dhanahula Dhang Hari Dhangri Dhansol Dharampur Dharasai Dhekipura Dhengam Dhengasole Dhenk Bahara Dhera Gerya Dhoba Dhabani Dhobasol Dhobi Jangal Dholkat Dhulaburari Dhunamari Dihi Badina Dogerya Domkala Dubrajpur Dudhia Sol Dudhkuri Dukh Kundi Dulalpur Dumuria Durgapur Ektali Elani Gaichandra Gajipur Gajra Baram Gamaria Ganak-kati Gangadharpur Gangadharpur Ganthabila Garmohan Garro Gaurgan Ghagra Bhola Ghagrasol Ghati Duba Ghorajaygir Ghrita Kham Giria Gobindapur Gobindapur Gobindapur Gobindapur Gobindapur Gobinda Pur Godarasta Gojasimul Gokulpur Gola Ghutia Golbandhi Gopinathpur Gotsol Guimara Gujidam Gujihakanda Gundur Ghura Gunguni Gur Bhanga Guredanga Gurgurisol Guri Pukur Harekrishnapur Hariadhara Harina Harki Hatibari Hijalgerya Hingu Mallikashol Hudhudi Indrabani Indrabani Indradanga Jabani Kata Jagannathpur Jagannathpur Jaljali Jambani Jambedia Jambedya Jamda Jamindardaya Jamira Jamirkata Jamsol Jamsol Jamsola Jamua Bara Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangalkhas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jaralat Jarananda Jarasal Jarkasuli Jarula Jaybandhi Jaygerya Jaynagar Jaynagar Jaypur Jhantiband Jharagerya Jhauripal Jhikra Jhinki Jhunjisol Jitusol Jogitola Jorakenudi Jorakhali Jual Bhanga Julir Band Kaijhari Kaimasol Kajla Kalabani Kalabani Kalabani Kalajharia Kala Jharia Kalbetal Kaliam Kalinagar Kalsi Bhanga Kamar Bandi Kanpur Kantashala Kanyaduba Kanya Duba Kanya Duba Karia Kasakaundi Kasha Phalya Kashia Kashi Toria Katchara Damodarpur Kayema Kechanda Kendbani Kendulia Kenudi Sol Keshebhola Keshya Kotra Keudi Khaira Suli Khalsiyali Khanakul Kharikasuli Khasdahi Khas Dahi Khasjangal Khasjangal Khasjangal Khasjangal Khasjangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khayerashuli Khayer Bani Khayrakata Khejurgerya Kismat Bagjhapa Kismat Balibhasa Kismat Balijuri Kismat Bharat Pur Kismat Bhutbhuti Kismat Chhotahakanda Kismat Debi Kismat Dhangri Kismat Ganak-kati Kismat Jambandi Kismatjam Bedia Kismat Jamua Kismat Jarulia Kismatkaranji Kismat Murakati Kismatpaharajpur Kismat Tukurubhula Kolshuli Kotusol Krishnaband Chutamari Krishna Nagar Kuchasali Kuldiha Kuldiha Kumarduba.

How do get  you affiliation for computer Center training? What is Computer certificate? What are the subjects in Computer Center?

Kumarduba Kumari Kumari Kundal Dihi Kundasol Kurchi Bani Kusuk Danga Kusumghati Kusumghati Kusumpal Kutusgerya Labkush Lajimpur Lakshi Sagar Lalbagh Lalbana Lalbazar Lalgere Lalitasol Lodha Suli Lodha Suli Lohamelya Luhamandia Madanpur Chak Madhabpur Madhupur Madhupur Madipur Mahabila Mahul Bani Majurisol Malapada Malikhal Malkari Manapara Manikpara Mantipa Marai Khunti Markandapur Matalsol Matihana Matihana Mehadipur Metial Metyal Modaband Mohanpur Mohanpur Mohanpur Khasjangal Mundakati Mundakati Murabani Murabani Mura Bani Murgidihi Naghata Naharia Nakat Nandalalapur Nandan Gerya Narayanpur Narda Naupara Nauria Dam Nayagram Nedha Bahara Nekdaduba Nekra Bindha Nekrasuli Netura Nimdiha Niramispur Nischintapur Nityananda Pur Nohajalia Nuagarh Nunia Kundari Nuniakundari Khasjangal Nutandi Nutandihi Paharajpur Pakuryapal Panchakhali Panchamenya Panchami Pania Bhanga Panisol Panjandi Pansa Paradiha Pasro Patashimul Pathar Chakri Pathar Chakri Pathar Ghata Pathari Patharnala Pathra Pathra Pathri Payrachali Payraguri Pechapara Petbindhi Pheko Phul Beria Phul Sundari Phutipal Pindkhara Pindra Pindra Kuli Pindra Sol Poradiha Pratappur Pukharia Pukurkona Purbasol Purna Pani Purushottampur Radha Gobindapur Radhamahuli Radha Nagar Radha Nagar Radha Shyampur Rajaband Rajabasa Rajadihi Raj Bandh Rajdihi Rajnagar Rajpara Rakbaballa Ramchandrapur Ramramar Khasjangal Rangdakola Rangunya Ranidihi Ranidihi Rasiagerya Rasua Rautarapur Saftaldiha Sagarbhanga Sagbandi Salbani Salpatra Saltaria Sankarbani Sankbandi Santballa Sapdhara Saralya Sardiha Satpati Satyadihi Shak Para Shalbani Shalgura Shalukageria Shida Danga Shikar Bhanga Shimulpal Shirish Bani Shirshi Shiyalia Shris Bani Shugnibasa Shukjora Shuknakhali Shyamjhatia Shyamkishorpur Shyam Kishorpur Shyamnagar Shyamsundarpur Sidamdihi Sikrakhali Simal Gerya Simli Simul Danga Singpur Singpur Sipaiband Sirisbani Sirisdanga Sirsi Sitabhola Solgerya Sonamui Soro Sridharpur Srikrishna Pur Suabansa Sugnia Sugnibansa Suknibasa Sushmigerya Susuni Taldanga Talmetal Tanga Tanti Gerya Tarapur Tentuldanga Tetuldanga Thakur Khan Kunduria Tiakati Tipasol Tukrudhula Tukurubhula Tulsibani Tulsibani Tutuhya Ukta Uransol Uttara Uttarsuli Ambi Sol Amdiha Amjam Amla Dangri Amla Kora Andhari Sol Angragerya Arra Astia Asur Hata Atal Diha Athel Pur Atma Jhia Ausha Pal Babui Chati Babui Danga Baburam Pathra Bachhur Khoyar Bag Doba Bagmacha Baish Batia Baksa Balia Geria Bali Chaunria Bali Geria Bali Muri Bamanda Bam Diha Bamun Bandh Banisol Bank Sol Banshia Sol Bansh Khali Bansh Kuti Bans Pat Bans Pat Bara Bandh Baradhan Sola Bara Jharia Bara Kati Bara Khankri Bara Mara Baramchati Bara Ningui Bara Pat Bararia Bara Sol Baratalpada Basiabhol Bati Ghara Bati Jharia Baura Bedjharia Bela Guri Bela Jhor Bena Chuni Bena Suli Bera Jal Bhalia Chati Bhalia Ghati Bhaluk Basa Bhaluk Chua Bhaluk Gajri Bhaluk Ghara Bhanga Bandh Bhat Bhanga Bhelia Diha Bhhaluk Tara Bhola Bhua Sai Bhur Kundi Sol Bhurur Bani Bihankuria Biriberia Bir Kada Biswa Nath Pur Chalta Bera Chandabila Chandal Bandh(chamar Bandh) Chandra Rekha Chandua Char Pada Chhechan Mari Chhota Jharia Chhota Khankri Chhota Tal Pada Chilimda Chilki Pada Chiri Piti Chouka Pathara Chun Khulia Chun Para Dahi Dalki Sol Damda Sol Damodarpur Darkhuli Deulbar Dhan Sola Bara Dhansola Chhota Dhan Sulia Dhoba Gobindapur Dhobani Sol Dhoba Sol Dhumsai Dihikhelar Dojala Dokra Dol Gram Doli Ghatra Dudhia Sol Dudhia Sol Dulki Dumur Bani Dumuria Ful Daha Gambharia Gam Haria Garduara Garkhelar Gengta Bani Ghagri Shol Ghan Ghana Ghora Taria Ghutia Shaluk Bani Gobinda Pur Gobra Sol Gohal Diha Gokhur Pal Gokul Nagar Gopalpur Gopinath Pur Gorur Ghata Gour Sai Gulpha Gurianishol Hadhadi Hari Maiti Hari Mari Hari Pura Hati Top Hati Top Hijal Bani Ichha Pura Jadabpur Jadu Kota Jagannath Pur Jambani Jambani Jambani Jamda Hara Jamira Pal Jamsol Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jara Dahi Jari Ghati Jarka Jhagari Jhai Pur Nutan Pal Jhaipur Panch Kanya Jhara Bani Jhara Bani Jharia Jhaurishol Jinai Pal Joy Ghuntha Jugisol Jun Bani Kadam Diha Kadokata Kadokota Kai Phulia Kalma Pukhuria Kamala Pur Kamala Tola Kanda Ghasha Kanthi Kapat Ghati Kapti Bhol Karasai Kashia Katash Kendu Bani Kendu Bani Kendubani(chhota) Keshar Rekha Keta Kineshia Khana Muri Khandar Para Kharika Mathani Khar Sola Khasjangal Khasjangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khas Jangal Khayra Sol Khud Gar Khud Marai Kiajharia Kshema Sol Kuili Suta Kuji Kukra Khupi Kukrasol Kuldiha Kul Diha Kul Diha Kum Pada Kum Sol Kunar Pur Kundal Bani Kurchi Bani Kurmi Pathar Kustikra Kusum Kurya Kusum Kuti Lakhai Dahi Lalpur Loha Baria Madhu Pura Mahuli Majhibar Malam Maragajra Mara Pada Marchi Methya Mohanpur Mura Bani Murakati Mura Kati Mura Khunta Murga Pahari Nagri Pada Nal Dam Nara Singha Pur Narasingh Pur Narda Nayagram Nekra Sol Nen Guria Nichu Bankinala Nimai Nagar Norri Pachagerya Pacha Khali Pahia Pal Paika Pala Sia Panchagachhia Urf Gachhia Panchami Panch Kahania Parashia Paschim Bila Pathar Bandh Pathardahara Patharia Pathra Sol Patina Payra Bhari Phulbani Pinrrachuni Urf Dhiral Pitambarpur Urf Chitampur Pratappur Pukhuria Purna Pani Radha Para Raghunath Pur Rai Pal Rai Paria Raisol Rai Sol Rajpahari Rakhal Ban Ram Chandra Pur Ramgar Ramkrishnapur Rangamatia Ranga Matia Ranga Matia Ranga Matia Rangiyam Ray Bera Rokhani Chhota Rokhni Rukhni Rukhni Mara Sahasra Linga Sal Bani Sal Bani Sal Bani Salgaria Sal Patra Sal Patra Sanamui Sanuningui Saras Geria Sari Pura Sathatia Sat Pautia Shal Bani Shital Pura Shiyalia Singdhui Siris Bani Sitaram Pur Sona Dhua Sonaguna Sri Ram Pur Suknakhali Taldangra Tal Diha Tapoban Tasar Bani Telia Tentulia Tentul Muri Thuria Tikra Para Tikra Para Tilajurya Tilia Tiyakati Totasai Tulsi Bani Tungadhua Tunga Dhua Tuphria Upar Bankinala Uthan Nayagram Ahira Aigankanda Amjhatia Amla Banri Anandapur Andhari Andhari Andhari Angarnali Arsabandi Asanbani Asti Atadiha Babla Baburbani Baghmari Baghuasol Bahadurpur Bahara Danri Baidapura Baishakhipal Bakra Baliamara Balibhasa Baligerya Bamda Bamunmara Banicha Bankati Banksol Banpura Bara Barani Barada Bara Dainmari Bara Kanya Diha Bara Mania Bara Pakurya Belda Belyabera Bhagabanchak Bhagaban Chak Bhalki Sol Bhalukbasadihi Bhalukbasajal Bhaluk Khulia Bhaluk-khulya Bhamal Bhangaband Bhanga Gar Bhatuapara Bhurkundi Bhurkundi Bhuruchati Bidyadharpur Bikrampur Birbhasa Birdahi Birkanda Bishnupur Brahmanganj Chabukya Chamtyadan Chanda Chandpal Charar Chhatri Chhelabaria Chhelia Singa Chhola Khali Chhorda Chhota Kanyadiha Chiladan Chirakuti Chuapal Chunpara Chunpara Dahabar Dahipal Dakshin Danrya Daktia Dangarsari Dangra Darkhuli Dehaganj Dhagari Dhanghari Dhansol Dhitpur Dhopasol Dhopasol Didihadanri Digarbandh Dudhianala Dudh Kundi Dumuria Shrishbani Durgahari Jangal Durgapur Ektali Gabradan Gaighata Garghata Gholai Ghorapara Gobindapur Gobindapur Gohal Diha Gokulpur Gonsaipal Gopalpur Goshtakal Gourberya Gundur Ghura Gurigot Gurkunda Hanri Bhanga Hanumanta Nengurya Harekrishnapur Haripal Haripurbirua Harparya Hatia Sol Indrakuri Itamaria Itamaro Jakua Jambadia Jambedia Jamira Jamsol Jangal Kurachi Jarasol Jashua Jhilidam Jhilimili Jordiha Jugisol Kadam Dandi Kadamdiha Kakua Kaliabandhi Kalikanala Kalrui Kalsona Kaptidanga Karkatasol Kashi Danga Kasiapada Kasturia Kathuapal Katnimaro Kendu Danga Danrisol Kendudangri Kendugari Kesurgerya Keta Kijharia Keudi Khamar Mahuli Kharipal Khas Jangal Khayrapati Khorda Khudmarai Kismat Ramanandapur Krishtanagar Kubda Kuchladanri Kukrakhupi Kuldiha Kulghagri Kultikri Kumartop Kumrasol Kunarda Kuraria Kuraria Kutisai Lata Laudaha Madhupur Mahishabhaga Mahulbani Mahuli Mahuli Mandar Mangalmari Manikjhatia Marnisol Marunia Masarh Masarh Salbani Mechya Muchlaband Mukundapur Mundakati Murabani Murakata Murakati Nabakishorpur Nagdona Naihati Naikansol Narada Nayagan Nehar Nekrasol Nekrasuli Nepura Nilachigerya Nischinta Nischinta Noagaon Nuniasol Olda Pachakhali Padima Paharajpur Pairaguri Palaidanga Parasuli Paschim Gholai Pashra Patasol Patharkati Pathra Paticia Phulbani Pindra Gerya Pratappur Purna Pani Ragra Rajbandh Rakshani Ramanandapur Rampura Randebpur Rangadiha Rangamatia Rangametya Ranjitpur Relagaria Rohini Salbani Salbani Saltaria Sankrail Saotal Diha Sapua Sarulia Karki Sardar Pakuria Satkuli Satpukharia Shimulia Shirshi Shiyalya Shuknakhali Shushnigeria Shushnigerya Sidakara Sijdiha Simulia Sindurgaura Singla Sonakhali Sona Kundra Sripur Srirampur Talai Talghorapara Talka Mundi Tal Pakurya Taradiha Tarajuri Telia Khuli Telkanda Tentala Harinchati Tentuldhila Tetulia Thengamara Tiakati Tikaitpur Tikarpara Tilak Ghagra Tiyakati Tulsibani Tungadhua Ukhradan Upar Barna Talbarni Upar Katmundi.

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